Zelda Ocarina of Time x Studio Ghibli Castle Town Remake Unreal Engine 5
RwanLink started this Zelda Ocarina of Time x Studio Ghibli: Castle Town remake as a fun side project to test a new art direction, and this teaser looks like a real anime. So far, 30 characters have been created for this video, and the official trailer is set for release on November 21st.

For those who have always wanted to Goron City remade in the Studio Ghibli art style, this remake should do the trick. This is the main gateway to Death Mountain Crater which leads to the Fire Temple, while the city consists of four floors, with the entrance on the top floor. One other familiar location to Zelda of Ocarina of fans is Zora’s Domain, which is located in the northeast section of Hyrule and home to King Zora as well as his daughter, Princess Ruto.