Unitree H1 Humanoid Robot Release
Not just a prototype anymore, the Unitree H1 Evolution V2.0 humanoid robot can now be purchased, and it’s priced below $89,000 USD. Weighing 47 kg (103 lb), H1 is touted as the world’s first full-sized general purpose humanoid robot that can run in China.

Thanks to a stable gait and highly flexible movement, H1 is capable of walking and running autonomously in complex terrains. The robot comes equipped with a LIVOS-MID360 3D LiDAR system and an Intel RealSense D435i depth camera for real-time acquisition of high-precision spatial data to achieve panoramic scanning. Other features include a 15Ah(0.864KWh) battery with a max voltage of 67.2V as well as optional 2 × Intel Core i7-1265U processors for control as well as recognition computing. Deliveries are expected to begin later this month, and those interested should contact Unitree directly to place an order.