F2 Gaming Emulation Handheld Toy Car
A Lenovo Legion Go is perfect for PC gaming on-the-go, but for something a bit more conspicuous, you’ll want the F2 Gaming Emulation Handheld. Aside from looking like a diecast toy car, it features a 3.0-inch IPS LCD screen and has a 1,800mAh battery, which is definitely good enough for all-day gaming on a single charge.

Since the F2 isn’t as powerful as the Analogue Pocket, it is not compatible with original game cartridges nor can the console emulate more modern systems like the PSP, SEGA Dreamcast, or GameCube. Fortunately, the F2 has TV output so you’ll be able to game on a larger screen, rather than deal with its tiny 3.0-inch screen. Still interested? You can get one for $41.93 shipped for Cyber Monday here.