Valve Steam Deck OLED Reveal
The Valve Steam Deck OLED is officially hitting stores on November 16. Available in in 512GB ($549) and 1TB ($649) variants, this handheld gaming PC now features a 7.4″ OLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, a 6nm APU, 6400 MT/s memory, Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, as well as a 50Whr battery for up to 12-hours of continuous use on a single charge.

Even with a larger fan and updated thermals to help the Steam Deck OLED run cooler, it only weighs in at 30g, or 5% lighter than the LCD model, due to the screen. That’s not all, the 1TB models (including Limited Edition) come bundled with an exclusive case with a removable liner, while all of the rear case screws are now Torx type, which makes disassembly / reassembly a breeze without impacting structural integrity.

An OLED screen with larger picture, better battery life, faster WiFi—on top of world class ergonomics and an intuitive console-like experience,” said the company.