Metroid Port Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Photo credit: Hackaday]
Sure, Super Metroid was released on the SNES in 1994, but Nintendo never re-released the original on their second programmable home console, that is until this gamer stepped up. This port took a ‘Infidelity’ around 2-months to complete and includes MSU-1, a modern implementation of what could have been a CD add-on chip for the SNES.

What might surprise some is that Infidelity managed to keep the original Famicom Disk System 3-slot save system that only Zelda fans were able to enjoy at the time, as well as giving players the ability to use Metroid 1’s password system, both working perfectly. Unfortunately, the one and only place to download the ROM was taken down by Nintendo…for now.

Metroid Port Super Nintendo Entertainment System

I personally helped infidelity by creating special sprites for Samus, as he has utilized the extra VRAM in the SNES to allow Samus to have two unique sides – something the developers had originally intended to have from the get-go,” said one of the programmers.