11-Minute Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gameplay
Set to hit the PS5 on Feb. 29th, this new 11-minute Final Fantasy VII Rebirth gameplay video teases the massive world map, which is constructed of several areas that are seamlessly joined together. We get to see various ways to get around the expansive map, from Chocobos to buggies and wheelies.

Players can explore vast field areas, where they’ll find multiple points of interest, including World Intel, where you survey the world, battle foes and seeking out various resources or hidden treasures. The second is odd jobs, which dives deeper into the world and characters. There are also multiple minigames throughout the world like Queen’s Blood.


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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth 7 Screenshot

The bonds between the characters established over the course of the story are now important to all aspects of gameplay. Cloud’s relationship with his companions will change according to his actions and dialogue choices, impacting most notably the well-loved date event scene from the original game. In addition to date partners players of the original Final Fantasy VII can expect, the team has prepared some new partners plus an expanded date sequence within the Gold Saucer, so there’s plenty to look forward to,” said Yuri Mikami, Marketing & PR, Square Enix.