Joe Rogan Tesla Cybertruck Bow and Arrow Video
With just 26-days left before the first Tesla Cybertruck delivery, it’s only fitting that Elon Musk make an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience with the electric truck. Its exterior stainless steel sheet-metal is touted as bullet-resistant, so a bow and arrow shouldn’t do any damage, right?

Besides a few sparks, Joe Rogan was surprised that a 545 grain arrow traveling at around 275 feet per second barely scratched the Cybertruck. However, the broad head was destroyed, flattened at the tip, and the arrow itself blew apart. This stunt comes after a ballstics-tested prototype was spotted driving on public roads.

Joe Rohan shatters an arrow on Cybertruck that would easily go through a normal car,” said Elon Musk in an X post