Alienware 16-Foot Mechanical Keyboard DOTA 2
Alienware built a 16-foot-long mechanical keyboard and then proceeded to ask Team Liquid esports team to use it against real opponents in DOTA 2. To accomplish this, Alienware took the exact 3D-scanned proportions of an AW420K keyboard as well as their AW720M mouse and then multiplied them by a factor of 14.

What they ended up with was the world’s largest functional mechanical keyboard, based on the AW420K tenkeyless mechanical keyboard. Unlike its real-life counterpart, which uses Cherry MX switches, this one uses PVC pipe shaft-based custom linear-like mechanical actuation for each switch. These pipes interfaces via an internal rubber band mechanism with a normal-sized mechanical switch connected to the keyboard. The 84 switches are all 3D printed, while the space bar along weighs in at nearly 20 pounds. Did we mention that the giant Alienware AW720M mouse is also functional?