Sony PlayStation 5 Slim Teardown Reveals True Size, How Detachable Blu-ray Disc Drive Works

Sony PlayStation 5 Slim Teardown
We know the new Sony PlayStation 5 slim is smaller than its predecessor, but is that really the case? Dave Lee, better known as Dave2D online, gives us an inside look with his PlayStation 5 slim teardown, which also shows how the detachable Blu-ray disc drive actually works.

After removing the cover, Dave realized that the internal hardware hasn’t changed too much, despite its slimmer appearance and 2.6kg – 3.2kg weight. It’s still powered by the same 6nm semi-custom AMD Oberon Plus system on a chip (SoC) with eight cores running at a variable frequency capped at 3.5 GHz, but has 5 heat pipes and a smaller baseplate compared to the original. To maximize efficiency, Sony engineers also changed the heatsink fan design to have 19 blades instead of the original 23 blades.


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Sony PlayStation 5 Slim Teardown

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