SEGA Game Gear Micro Hands-On Review
The ultra portable SEGA Game Gear Micro was released a few years ago, but after the initial announcement, many were left wondering if this console was pure novelty rather than a functional console. We’re happy to report that the latter is true, but the experience leaves a lot to be desired.

It features a 1.15-inch (240×180) screen which actually improves upon the original’s 160×144 pixel resolution, while only two AAA batteries are needed to power this machine rather than six. Don’t have batteries? Simply plug the included USB micro cable into the Game Gear Micro. The device came in four different colors, each with their own set of pre-loaded games. Some of the highlights include Out Run (Black), Sonic the Hedgehog (Black), Gunstar Heroes (Blue), Sonic & Tails (Blue), Shining Force Gaiden: Expedition to the Land of Evil (Yellow), Columns (Red), and Shinobi (Red). You can still find them online for between $70 – $85+ depending on the condition.