Macho Nacho Productions Real SEGA Neptune Game Console
Just like the SEGA Mega Modem, now many have seen the canceled SEGA Neptune console from 1995. This was supposed to be game console that combined the Genesis and 32X game consoles into one, with a planned retail price of under $200 US.

SEGA canceled the Neptune in October 1995 due to fears that it would cannibalize sales of their Saturn console. Put simply, the SEGA Neptune was planned to be a standalone 32X system. Macho Nacho Productions needed quite a few parts to build a real-life version, including a custom shell, a model 2 Genesis, 90-degree cartridge slot, and most importantly, 32X hardware components. If you have experience with soldering and electronic boards, this could be a fun project to tackle. In related news, did you know that SEGA had plans to release a CD drive for the Neptune?