Tomy Omnibot 2000 Drink Robot
TOMY’s Omnibot 2000, first introduced in 1984, may not be as interesting as 2.6 billion-year-old water, but it was designed to serve drinks. This high-tech toy retailed for around $600 USD ($1,759 in 2023) and came equipped with a built-incomputer, cassette deck (used to record and playback movement and sounds), wheels, a microphone, as well as speakers.

Its remote-controlled motorized tray and arms were designed to serve drinks, but you’ll need a total of 6 AA batteries, along with a rechargeable main battery, to get everything running properly. Once powered on, the 25-inch-tall Omnibot 2000 can be run in either a ‘high gear’ or ‘low gear’ speed modes. Due to its high price tag as well as limited availability, the robot sold poorly and was discontinued shortly after.