Custom CNC-Machined Wooden Game Boy is a Work of Art

Custom Wooden Game Boy Mod
This custom CNC-machined wooden Game Boy by coder Sebastian Stacks is a work of art to say the least. Recreating the original’s injection-molded plastic case with wood meant milling the top and bottom shells to ensure all of the details remained intact.

The Genmitsu PROVerXL 4030 V2 router required several different bits to accomplish this, with the B04 being used for the finishing touches on the bottom shell. One thing that could not easily be recreated with the machine was the battery cover, so Stacks relied on a very simple magnet-equipped design. After all of the parts were milled, the electronic components had to be carefully pieced together. Want to build your own wooden Game Boy? Check out the Github page here.

Nintendo Switch - OLED Model: Mario Red Edition

Custom Wooden Game Boy Mod
Custom Wooden Game Boy Mod

Oh, and if you have been wondering about the wooden Pokemon cartridges: Those are based on the cartridge I published earlier with several improvements to the toolpaths (man, I learned so much from the Game Boy project) and the Pokemon logo added,” said Sebastian Stacks.


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