Wooden Tesla Cybertruck Replica Cyberquad
Tesla Cybertruck knockoffs have existed ever since Elon Musk first announced the vehicle back in 2019, but ND Woodworking Art wanted to create something a bit more realistic. So, the artist spent just 100-days modeling and handcrafting a miniature wooden Tesla Cybertruck replica, complete with a matching Cyberquad.

This Tesla Cybertruck replica does not use a base vehicle, such as a Pontiac Fiero or Prius C, but rather a custom steel frame. Suspension components, as well as the wheels, are added before the electric drivetrain components are installed. After the wooden panels are cut and affixed onto the hand welded steel frame, work begins on the interior. There are a total of four wooden seats in a 2 + 2 configuration, while the armrest hides the shifter. Yes, ND Woodwoking ARt also created a custom wooden Tesla Cyberquad that fits in the Cybertruck’s bed, just like the concept vehicle.