3D-Printed Howitzer-Style 30mm Cannon Can Actually Fire Projectiles Using Hydrogen

3D-Printed Howitzer 30mm Cannon
How about a 3D-printed Howitzer-style 30mm cannon that can actually fire projectiles? That is exactly what Flasutie created and the latter was made possible by oxyhydrogen (HHO), which is essentially a mix of hydrogen that occurs when water undergoes electrolysis.

However, this process required Flasutie to use 30mm shells, as it enables the thin-walled PLA projectile to explode without causing injury, even when held in your hand. An impact fuze with an piezoelectric spark mechanism located within a soft TPU tip for optimal impact sensitivity had to be fabricated to set off the explosion. Just like any other experiments, we don’t recommend recreating this project at home.


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